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You are What You See: Treatment of Personality Disorders & Trauma with Acupuncture

Honoring who we are and developing comfort with ourselves is a Taoist ideal. Life is seen as the unfolding of the “Jing-Essence” (the original nature) within a person. At birth, we are given a “Ming” (destiny) as energies from the cosmos merge with those of...

Treatment of Chronic Degenerative Conditions and Autoimmunity with Acupuncture

Classical Chinese Medicine is particularly well-suited in the treatment of chronic degenerative conditions and autoimmune disorders such as degenerative disc disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, and several others. However, the mainstream has yet to become acquainted with the vast potential of acupuncture and...

Detox and the Return to Innocence: Clearing Toxins with Acupuncture

There's a term commonly used within acupuncture treatment known as “the healing crisis”: a rather dramatic name for a common, often mild occurrence. This “crisis” is perhaps more palatable when called a “detox period.” The crisis usually manifests as cold or flu-like symptoms, diarrhea or...