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Healing Cultivation Practice: Acupuncture Points as Shamanic Allies

Self-cultivation is necessary for healing. It requires time, attention and the creation of relationship. Within the healing process, there is the very important relationship between the practitioner/healer and patient. The practitioner acts as the guide and the coach within the healing journey. From the central connection...

Healing Depression & Anxiety via Digestion: the Acupuncture Approach

I honestly became an acupuncturist to help myself. Chinese medicine arrived as a type of “godsend” during my mid-20’s. I’d always suffered from depression and anxiety, which would negatively impact my sleep, breathing and digestion. Acupuncture was really the only thing that reliably helped me...

Virtual Healing Sessions for Challenging Times: the Effectiveness of Online Acupressure

I have been doing healing sessions with several people remotely during the pandemic, to help stabilize the mood, alleviate fear and anxiety, restore motivation and enthusiasm, and improve sleep and general energy levels. I’ve also been working with patients dealing with serious autoimmune conditions that...