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How to Release Trapped Emotions

“….a deep grief began to emerge the patient would begin crying on the table and felt a tremendous amount of shame and fear for which he could not explain…I encouraged him to allow the emotion to be expressed without trying to understand or classify it…For several sessions he experienced expressions like this.  He kept coming back because of the growing sense of lightness he was beginning to feel.  He was once again feeling joy.  His sexual function was also returning.  After a duration of about three months this patient also began to seem like a new person.  Very different from the man I’d met months before.  His posture and demeanor changed dramatically.  He seemed to glow and radiate with enthusiasm and energy.” Nicholas Sieben, Acupuncturist & Healer.  

Acupuncture Today

Cultivating the Channel Systems: Luo Vessels

Cultivating the Channel Systems: Luo Vessels.  Acupuncture Today April 2024

Luo Vessels

Understanding Mental Illness Through the Luo Vessels.  Acupuncture Today January 2024

Cultivating Relationships with Chong Mai

Extraordinary Circumstances: Cultivating Relationships with Chong Mai.  Acupuncture Today June 2023

Acupuncture Terms for Practical Use

Unpacking Illusive Terms for Practical Use: The Extraordinary Vessels.  Acupuncture Today March 2023


The Brewing Wellness Podcast

Acupuncture and the Mind-Body Connection. The Brewing Wellness Podcast

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