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Acupuncture as Body-Mind-Spirit Medicine

The history of acupuncture spans more than 2000 years. Some of the greatest medical and philosophical minds of Chinese culture created the medicine. Medical professionals were philosophers as well as scientists. Being a philosopher in ancient times meant also being a psychologist. Psychology is applied...

The Blood Carries the Spirit: The 9 Heart Pains

Within Chinese Medicine, the body consists of 12 Primary Energy Channels, each corresponding to a major internal organ. Each channel possesses a role within the normal functioning of the body. The channels are also associated with various stages of psycho-social development, emotional expression and cultivation...

Endocrine Disorders and Acupuncture: Willingness to See the World Differently

Chinese Medicine has a great deal to offer within the understanding and treatment of hormonal-endocrine conditions. Classical Chinese Medicine sees the body, mind and spirit as inseparable; the endocrine system can also be seen in this way. The endocrine system provides regulation of the body through...