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Insightful and deeply profound...

“A treatment with Nick is nothing short of transformative. His work is insightful and deeply profound. Nick listens carefully to what you have to say without judgement or forced dogma.  He has the ability to pay attention on all levels; taking into consideration the physical, mental, emotional and on some level spiritual condition of the patient.  A session not only creates an opportunity for the body to heal, but also opens the channels for the body-shift to receive—making space for balance. I highly suggest Nick to anyone who seeks to move past any form of limitation. Be it mind, body or soul.”

Tony LeRoy, Intuitive Counselor

Nicholas lifted the 'funk' I'd been living with...

“Like many people, I used to be ‘needle-phobic,’ so I never seriously considered trying acupuncture until a year ago. I woke to find I could barely move my right arm. I tried various remedies. When none of them worked, I went to see Nicholas for acupuncture. 20 minutes after the first needle went into my arm, whatever was wrong was resolved and full functionality was restored.  I said, “wow, what else can you do?” He responded, “what else do you want?”  I explained that I had struggled with back pain and depression for years. He said acupuncture could help alleviate these things, too.
I was skeptical, but sure enough, it has. After 3 or 4 weekly sessions, the chronic pain I had learned to accommodate in my life was significantly removed and has stayed that way ever since. I have had a series of cathartic sessions with Nicholas which lifted the ‘funk’ I’d been living with. I’m a generally happier person now, better able to deal with stress and sadness, and I’ve even begun to lose weight after years of trying. For me, acupuncture — as practiced by Nicholas Sieben — has made an enormous improvement in my life, and I will always be grateful to Nicholas for all he has done.”

Thomas C., Client

The perfect balance of the intuitive and knowledge-based healer...

“A healer’s healer. Nick is the perfect balance of the intuitive and knowledge-based healer. His understanding and use of the 8 extraordinary meridians; a sadly underutilized component in modern acupuncture treatments; gives his work a powerful edge over typical symptomatic treatment common these days. As someone who has been practicing acupuncture for over two decades, I cannot recommend his profound treatments enough.”

Abdi Assadi, Acupuncturist & Spiritual Healer

His acupuncture is powerful and effective...

“I have found my treatments with Nick to be most helpful.  He has many gifts, including the ability to assist his clients to identify physical and emotional problems that need healing.  His acupuncture is powerful and effective.  I believe Nick truly cares about his clients’ wellbeing and he is dedicated to their development on many levels.  On a personal note, I have found Nick to be very compassionate and sensitive, yet extremely honest and potent.  I believe anyone who seeks treatment with him will be changed for the better.”

Bruce Kerner, Psy.D., RYT

Nicholas' Mission

To bring harmony to body and mind; transforming illness, confusion and frustration into health, peace and illumination.