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Healing Session

Healing should address the whole of
who we are: body, mind and soul.

From the moment one speaks with Nicholas, he creates a safe, trusting and comforting dialogue and environment that allows his clients to open up and be honest about all aspects of who they are, and what they may be experiencing—body, mind and soul.

What Happens in a Session?

More than Just Acupuncture, It’s a Healing Session

Nicholas believes healing should address the whole of who we are: body and mind. As spiritual beings, with a soul and an individual path in life, the purpose of holistic health systems, like acupuncture, is learning to listen to our body, mind and spirit. Nicholas pays close attention to all to help you begin the process of healing.

Nicholas Sieben Pulse Reading

Deciphering the Messages

Symptoms are messages indicating something is out of balance, and the body doesn’t lie. Pain and suffering can be a call to look at our lives; to address our excesses and deficiencies.

Acupuncture, as Nicholas practices, reintegrates the body’s innate mechanism for self-healing. As partners in wellness, you and Nicholas decipher your body’s messages, using your internal wisdom to help find your way back to wellness and peace.

What’s In a Session with Nicholas?

Make an Appointment

The first step is to reach out to Nicholas by phone, email or the initial questionnaire or contact form. Ask questions to see if acupuncture treatment and Nicholas are a match for you.

The Office Visit

Once you arrive at Nicholas’ office, relax in the scenery he has arranged to set you at ease. The session begins with a conversation about your chief complaints and general physical and/or mental-emotional health.

Measuring the Pulses

The session continues as Nicholas measures the 12 primary pulses on your wrists and examines your tongue. These Chinese Medical diagnostic techniques allow Nicholas to assess the health of the major organs of the body and their associated channels of qi-energy.

Address the Issue(s)

Once a diagnosis has been reached, you’ll be invited to relax on the massage table, as acupuncture needles are superficially inserted into specific points along the various meridians of qi-energy. Learn more about Treatment Options and what issues may be addressed.

Concluding the Session

Sessions usually last one hour and you’ll be asked to reflect on treatment, and share your reaction. From there, a treatment plan is created, and recommendations for duration and frequency of treatment are given.

Frequency of Treatment

Sometimes a patient’s chief complaint can disappear after one or two sessions, which is usually the case with acute, short-lived issues. Other times, resolution becomes a process, like therapy, that takes time and commitment to unravel and release. Regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions are often advised for the initial treatment of chronic issues. Some issues may take weeks or months to fully resolve.
During treatment for a specific condition, patients will often find their general physical and mental wellbeing improves as well.

Other Techniques

If appropriate, Nicholas may add these additional therapies and techniques to your treatment.


A technique in which the fortifying herb “mugwort” is burnt atop acupuncture needles or used to gently warm the skin. The herb does not touch the skin, is completely safe, and very comforting.

Cupping Therapy and Gua Sha

Used to release the musculature of the body and support detox.


A gentle technique where energy is channeled through practitioner to patient. At times, the practitioner’s hands rest upon the chakras of the patient’s body, or hover slightly above to balance and support the organs and channels. In cases where acupuncture is not desired by the patient, Reiki can stand alone as the sole treatment.